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VENTURE 1 ” The Breakfast Club ”


Breakfast Club

Secondary Education Reform in Tin Shui Wai

Hong Kong and many culture has a historical reputation for standardized testing and one-size-fits-all schooling models. Secondary Education Reform is an innovative school reform initiative started by Sarah, a HK-born British teacher.   Sarah and her team are charged with conceptualizing, producing, and leading the whole school reform starting in one of the newest district in HK – Tin Shui Wai – “The Breakfast Club” is one of their first rapidly launching solution – a space that offers students personalizes education to spend time every morning according to their interests and passion. Partnering with generous supporter and funders, the team is fulfilling individual needs of each precious students, offering all students delicious breakfast, ultimately empowering the character and creativity of students to re-imagine what schools can look like.   Everyday, they are influencing schools to rebuild around the needs, strengths and motivations of each individual students.

VENTURE 2 ” Cookin’Mama ”



Women Empowerment. Family Relationship Restoration

‘’ As children, we should all realize that all mothers in this world just want to see their sons and daughters simply – healthy, happy and be loved. ‘’   Based on these 3 universal truths, Cookin’ Mama was called to be on a mission to empower full time housewives to become professional
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chefs to deliver delicious meals carrying love to millions of busy working professionals in Hong Kong. With every intricate meal Cookin’ Mama makes, it signifies and carries the memory of our families love and wishes for you and I. Cookin’ Mama exists not only to bring good health and happiness to the working community, but they also hope to restore and inspire all of us to spend quality time with those who matter most to us.   In Cookin’ Mama, the social enterprise celebrate the Mama everyday. By treasuring the love from each of their Mama Cooks, the team nurture the unique strength each housewives and empower to become respected chefs who dare to chase their own dreams. With this, inspiring all women to live their life to the fullest!   Just like every mother in the world, Cookin’ Mama will not stop and rest until they see family relationship restored, and culture of business world transformed.


VENTURE 3 ” 100 Village ”



Early Childhood Education Transformation

100 Village is Nicholas Wang, a father of two from Hong Kong; Soren Jones, an American living in Tokyo, Japan; and Mrinalini Ruban, from Rajasthan, India. Our mission is to help parents raise future generations of innovators and change makers. Starting from one village, we will grow to hundreds of villages.   The founder has worked internationally with some of the world’s top innovators. After returning home to raise his children, he was dismayed by the lack of creativity among young people in Hong Kong. At the same time, he wasn’t surprised. As a product of Hong Kong’s highly-pressurized education system, Nick understands its strengths and faults, especially in early-childhood education. Inspired by the Reggio Emilia Approach and current research in child developmental psychology, our team’s goal is to create systemic change that will lead to children retaining their natural curiosity and developing the confidence to pursue their interests. By educating parents and nurturing young children, we hope to transform the culture of early-childhood education into one that empowers future generations to become daring change makers. That is why 100 Village exists.

VENTURE 4 ” The Beauty of Awakening ”



美覺 Beauty of Awakening

Arts & Regarded as remote and luxurious, art has traditionally been a game for the rich. However, 美覺 (The Beauty of Awakening) believes that true art equals beauty, which can touch heart and soul by awakening our five senses. Everybody is born to be an artist with the ability to create and art is the essential for us to live a truly beautiful life.   To make art “relevant” and “useful” to the public, 美覺 is developing rich art related activities and discovering and re-presenting functional artistic product for women living a busy life in cities. This group of people are experiencing great pressure from work and family and gradually losing their identity in cold and industrial commercial world. By promoting the sub-culture of 美覺 Women and awakening their five senses, the team intended to resume their ability to create and use art to enrich their life. Starting from women, this movement would have profound impact on their family and the whole society.

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