Are you ready for a challenge?
Want to develop and implement creative ideas?
Chase a crazy deadline at the same time?
Meet cool new people?
Learn more about a hands-on approach to creativity and problem solving?
Design a service or customer experience that may become a real business?
Get rich and famous?
Have a great time?

Why HK 48Hr Service Jam 2012??

Learn what design thinking means in action by playing with ideas, insights, and creative flashes.

Have fun in bouncing thoughts from one to another by JAMMING.

They will be students designers. customers, professionals business
people, authors, mums and everything in between working together to think and accomplish in teams.

Join this diverse group of people to design a brand new service and present it to the rest of the world!

You Will…

1) Become a service designer in 48 hours to design a brighter future for Hong Kong.
2) Jam live with 50 locations globally
3) Network and create a service plan with some of the world’s most passionate and talented people in the world
4) Learn Innovation, Design based approach to problem solve
5) Create the next BIG service idea with your multi-disciplinary team
6) Have 48 hrs of intense Jamming FUN!!


Learn about service systems and the way which service experiences can transform our lives!!

Designing Better Service Experiences from Continuum on Vimeo.

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