YES Network Open Consultation Day for Social Entrepreneurs


As part of selection to our incubation programme, as well as to foster co-learning and cross-sector collaboration, four founders from local social enterprises were invited for a “disruptive dialogue”. The first part of the event involves the participants to share their venture story as well as current obstacles and challenges to one another, as a means of helping the SE community develop transparency and learning from another founder’s path. The second part is an “open consultation” session, where the founders receive consultation from the YES team and coach the main challenges faced by the ventures.

Target Audience: Venture Presentations of 4 Social Entrepreneurs


YES People Incubation Programme Kick-Start
(with Training on Secondary and User Research)


YES Network kickstarted the incubation programme with this housewarming event; incubatees meet up with one another and receive briefing on the overall incubation process. The first session of user research is also launched on the same day, teaching incubatees the framework of user research for social enterprising.

Target Audience: 15 Seed-Stage Social Entrepreneurs



YES Incubation – Systems Thinking Training: Part I


As part of the incubation process to teach incubatees identifying the connection between social problems, the skillsets of System thinking are introduced. Systems thinking is a holistic approach to analysis that focuses on the way that a system’s constituent parts interrelate and how systems work over time. In this workshop, the incubatees are introduced to the core concepts involved and are assigned to draw out existing systems to practice, mapping out the data and from the process, learn to understand social dynamics and identify leverage points.

Target Audience: 15 Seed-Stage Social Entrepreneurs



YES Incubation – Graphic Facilitation, Visual Thinking Training


This event aims to introduce to incubatees the skillsets of graphic facilitation. When communicating with their peers, social entrepreneurs often would have to deal with a number of academic terms or industrial jargons, which often might be difficult to communicate both internally and to others owing to the abstractness and complexity involved. Graphic Facilitation serves as an effective means of assisting this communication process.

Target Audience: 15 Seed-Stage Social Entrepreneurs


YES Incubation – Systems Thinking Training: Part II


In this second part of the systems thinking training, Giles Robinson (trainer) reviews the materials of the last session, and goes over the more advanced techniques in systems thinking and introduces the “Rich Picture” methodology, helping incubatee teams identify boundaries between systems, which is useful for social ventures when trying to align resources and identify relevant agents within the social contexts.

Target Audience: 15 Seed-Stage Social Entrepreneurs


YES Network x MakeSense Brainstorming Holdup – x CookInMama Social Venture


In this joint-workshop with MakeSense, a worldwide project community originating from France, we invited members of the public to receive basic training in creative brainstorming, and leveraged on the community wisdom to participate in a design challenge, solving venture problems for one of our incubatee teams, Cookin’ Mama. In this particular challenge the participants helped cookin’ mama develop viable marketing strategies that will help them reach out to more working professionals.

Target Audience: 30 Business Entrepreneurs and Working Professionals


Project Management Training


In order to create more effective social impact more efficiently, YES invited local research fellows and social entrepreneurs including its own incubatees to a project management training workshop. The workshop covered the various factors that need to be managed while running a project over its three stages of planning, implementation and ongoing operations. Planning tools such as critical path method were covered as well as the critical success factors and pitfalls to be avoided.

Target Audience: 15 Seed-Stage Social Entrepreneurs




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